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Midwest JCC Case Study

Midwest JCC Case Study

Exceeding Membership Goals through Transition: Digital Marketing Strategy


A midwest JCC sought our marketing support and digital marketing strategy as they rebranded to incorporate a sister JCC location. The objective was to package both JCCs’ values into one membership to meet monthly membership goals.


The sister JCC facility was outdated and was located across town and not easy to find. In addition, a new website “skeleton” was created to house both current JCC websites, which created redirect and data tracking challenges.


Researching the Market

We used ESRI Tapestry Segmentation to research the market and create personas with specific messaging to reach the pain points of prospects and offer solutions through fitness and aquatics programming.

Programming to Reach Prospects

We partnered with the JCC fitness and marketing teams to promote a fitness program that generated consistent monthly leads and retained members because it provided tangible results. The Fly Pages team created a comprehensive digital marketing strategy with tactical implementation to effectively market the fitness program in a competitive space. We supported and coached the JCC marketing team with implementation in areas where they lacked the resources or experience.


Fly Pages worked seamlessly with the GM and JCC marketing team to research the market, identify and market high-engaging fitness programs, and sell the value of the community the JCCs provide.

Overcoming Challenges

The Fly Pages team provided ongoing consulting and structured training for the JCC marketing team. We worked as a cohesive team to ensure the website had a redirect strategy, included high-performing membership pages that converted, and was accurately tracking data so we could evaluate campaigns and make improvements to the digital marketing strategy to increase conversions.

  • Client Midwest JCC
  • Date September 9, 2022
  • Tags Ads, Digital Marketing, Marketing Strategy

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