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Tri Gas & Oil and PepUp Case Study

Tri Gas & Oil and PepUp Case Study

How To Successfully Bring Eight Companies Under One Super Brand: Website Development and Digital Advertising


This 3rd generation family-owned regional energy company scaled the enterprise through multiple acquisitions. Consolidating their brands while repositioning for future growth required an extensive brand evaluation and strategic roadmap, as well as brand-conscious website development and digital advertising strategy.



The eight different brands in the enterprise lacked unity of messaging and cross-promotion. Choosing a new brand and market category without sacrificing 60 years of brand equity felt daunting.


Customized Collaboration

Collaborated and executed a comprehensive digital transition plan to build and convert the target audience without sacrificing the previous traction gained from each brand.

Seamless Integration

We combined the best elements of each brand’s digital platforms in our website development scope to provide a user-friendly interface that helps tell the new service category story.

Purposeful Reporting

Provide a detailed reporting stack that allows the company leadership to determine the appropriate timing and speed of each region and audience switch-over.


The strategic partnership of Kevin Miller and the Fly Pages team served as a
powerhouse strategy and execution solution. Through Kevin’s assessment and architect process, he led the leadership team through a comprehensive brand strategy development process with clear outcomes and conclusions.

Once the enterprise brand strategy was in place, the Fly Pages team could then support the client’s marketing team by implementing the brand in a phased approach across the various digital mediums, transitioning each to the newly developed service category.

  • Client Tri Gas & Oil | PepUp
  • Date June 10, 2023
  • Tags Ads, Marketing Strategy, Web Development
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