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Brooklyn Sports Club Case Study

Brooklyn Sports Club Case Study

The Power of Marketing When Three Expert Teams Unite: Fitness Digital Advertising, Reporting


The WTS International marketing team needed fitness digital advertising support to help their commercial fitness client, Brooklyn Sports Club, realize their monthly membership goals. In addition, they needed transparent reporting solutions to provide to their client.


The previous digital marketing campaigns did not tie digital advertising outcomes into meaningful metrics that would help the client know if their marketing and advertising dollar was driving their membership and business goals.


Transparent Reporting Between Marketing & Sales

After setting up digital tracking & conversion goals and aligning them with membership tracking tools, the teams were able to share long-awaited performance metrics with their client. Lead-to-tour and tour-to-sale ratios and fitness digital advertising reporting helped the client understand their marketing ROI.

Monthly Team Communication Results In Goal Success

The combined monthly communication and performance Improvement efforts of the onsite fitness team, the WTS Marketing team, and the Fly Pages team resulted in a collaborative approach to help Brooklyn Sports Club exceed its annual membership goal by over 10%!


Fly Pages worked with the WTS marketing team and Brooklyn Sports Club’s Executive Director and Sales Manager to set up a new tracking framework to measure advertising efficacy and conversions. This allowed the three teams to work together each month to understand the effect of marketing and fitness digital advertising on membership goals, and adjust their respective efforts accordingly.

  • Client Brooklyn Sports Club
  • Date April 25, 2023
  • Tags Ads, Digital Marketing
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