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The Inns at St. Albans Case Study
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The Inns at St. Albans Case Study

Marketing Destination Accommodations to Multiple Target Audiences: Social Media Marketing


The Inns at St. Albans offers destinations for overnight stays, outdoor weddings, corporate meetings, dining events, and private parties. Fly Pages was brought in to market the various offerings to a variety of different audiences to increase leads via social media marketing efforts.



Identifying the optimal platforms and social channels to reach each target audience. We also needed to determine the best way to generate leads for different seasonal accommodations.


Identifying the Audience

We understand that there are at least two audiences who need to be reached for this type of business. For instance, while brides are researching venues, so are their mothers. They might be the real decision-maker when it comes to budget. Or, when conducting social media marketing for a corporate meeting or retreat, the sales and business development teams are searching for options while their administrative assistants and event coordinators do the same.

Reaching these Audiences

We carefully crafted different messaging and graphics to meet each decision-maker while using our expertise in understanding the platforms they’re using and their interests and behaviors to generate conversions.


We researched and strategized the business goals and various accommodations to understand who the decision makers are, what they do, and where they spend their time online. This allowed our team to provide a customized social media strategy to better reach the client’s target audiences.

  • Client The Inns at St. Albans
  • Date December 31, 2022
  • Tags Ads, Social Media
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