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Schedule a Free 30-Minute Consultation

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FLY FITNESS: Social Media Services for the Fitness Industry

In today’s digital age, social media should be one of the key drivers for member retention and acquisition. If you are not leveraging your social media platforms to their fullest, call on Fly Pages to rescue your social media strategy. Our team of fitness content developers and seasoned social media managers understand the unique needs of fitness centers and will help you realize a strong social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest.

The Fly Pages team has more than 20 years experience working with gyms, personal trainers, JCC’s, medically based fitness centers and health clubs, swim lesson providers, yoga studios, Pilates studios, indoor cycling studios and more.  We can help you set up new fitness social media pages, create social media content, develop a posting strategy, or monitor and manage pages to ensure you are winning over a member for life.

From ala carte services for any of the items listed above, to full blown social media management, we have a fitness social media plan to fit most any budget.

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What platforms should I start with?

We’ve worked with a variety of fitness centers across the country and while it often varies by location and target audience, Facebook is an absolute priority for the fitness industry. With over 3 billion users, Facebook is still the largest social media platform and has the largest audience for ages 25 – 54.  Instagram is placing a close second with its increase in users and desired target audience of 18 – 34 year olds.

With a strong, consistent posting strategy and responsive social media management, your members will quickly learn that your Facebook posts are their primary and convenient resource for getting up to speed on what’s happening at your center, club or studio.

How often should I post?

We recommend having a posting strategy that ensures you have a daily presence on your designated social media platforms.  Fly Pages can help you create a balanced and targeted content strategy, so your posts go on auto-pilot, allowing you to focus on running your center.

Does Fly Pages create fitness social media content that's unique to my center?

Of course!  Social media is, well, social. It should reflect your center’s personality and culture, and not look like a “canned” fitness center page.  We work with clients to leverage their programming information, instructor bios, event pictures and more to create a highly personalized and professional posting strategy that will resonate with your members.

Do you offer content creation services that will automatically post to my pages?

All of our content automatically posts to your fitness social media pages, giving you the freedom to focus on things that are more important for your business.  Our personalized social media packages, require some involvement on your end as we work with you to find out what’s going on at your center and never post without your review and approval.  However, if you are simply looking for an easy button to keep your page active with general industry-specific content that will be meaningful to your members and fans, try our Fly Fitness Automated Social Media Post package.

How should I handle comments on my pages?

The answer to handling comments on your page can be summed up in one word — quickly. Members and non-members alike expect quick and helpful responses to their questions or concerns on social media. Many centers find that having a dedicated and experienced resource who knows how to quickly handle both positive and negative comments on their page is invaluable for both fan retention and member retention. Let a seasoned social media manager at Fly Pages lead your response efforts so you can retain happy members. Learn more about our Social Media Management packages.

What types of social media services do you provide?

Fly Pages will help you make the most of your social media presence while you focus on more important things like your business.  We provide the following services to meet each client’s unique needs.  Simply choose one or all of the services that’s right for your center, club or studio.

Social Media Page Set-up

We’ll help you set-up your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Plus or Twitter Page with best practices and professional imagery.

Learn more about our Social Media Page Set-up Services.

Monthly Social Media Posting Services

Personalized Posting Services

Let Fly Pages establish a well-balanced, personalized content calendar that promotes your classes, programs, events, instructors and more.  As part of our monthly custom content calendar services, we’ll research and schedule unique and effective posts per the contracted weekly schedule. (Choose from 2 posts/week to 7 posts/week)

Learn more about our Social Media Posting Services.

Automated Posting Services for The Fitness Industry

Fly Fitness Automated Social Media Post package pre-schedules general health, fitness, and wellness content to your social media pages.  This easy content solution will post industry relevant and timely posts without you having to lift a finger. Your fans will stay informed and engaged on your social media pages with our motivational posts, nutrition tips, workout information, fitness articles, and more.

Learn more about our Posting Services.

Monthly Social Media Management

Let Fly pages be the eyes and ears of your page.  We’ll ensure that comments are being responded to quickly and that we’re connecting with other pages in your social media community to grow your brand awareness. As part of our social media management services, the Fly Pages team will respond to fan posts in a timely manner and notify you of any negative comments and respond with client-approved responses.

Learn more about our Social Media Management Packages.

How much will it cost?

Our social media packages start at as low as $75 per month.  To view our monthly packages click on the button below.

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